Quiénes Somos

The optional course on Conservation Biology is offered as part of the UNAM postgraduate program in Biological Sciences. It provides an introduction to the issues, as well as the challenges and opportunities of biodiversity conservation in Mexico and other regions. The course is a transdisciplinary space for a profound analysis of concepts and sciences involved with the conservation of the natural resources. At the end students will identify and understand the causes and will be able to confront the main problems the species or ecosystems face in which they develop their postgraduate work.

This course is taught in the second semester of the year.


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It is a course that promotes the application of theoretical knowledge in sites were it takes place through field work, fauna inventories and solution proposals of a particular problem. This is why this course is a traveling course and it is enriched each year by the contributions of invited teachers, students and local people.

The objectives are:

To give young students concepts and basic and specialized tools used in the area of Conservation Biology.

To promote the development and implementation of research projects oriented to the conservation of the biodiversity of Latin America.

To generate contacts between national and international researches and their network to promote research projects in and outside their countries of origin.

The content of the course is divided into 5 modules:

  1. Conservation Biology and Biodiversity
  2. Extinctions and biodiversity loss
  3. Tools for the conservation of biodiversity
  4. Interdisciplinarity in the conservation of biodiversity
  5. Biodiversity Conservation in Latin America


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